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Hiring a Private Investigator in Long Island

Hiring a Private Investigator in Long Island

When you are at a juncture in your life when you need to move on from something awful, sometimes the best way is to get to the bottom of it for closure. In any case, with accurate information about what happened or what is going on, you can make informed decisions affecting your life and those of your loved ones. That is where the best Long Island Private Investigator comes in handy.

Here are some qualities to look out for in a good Long Island Private Investigator


Your best Long Island Private Investigator is licensed to operate as New York State Private Investigator. To qualify for their license they are required to reach a minimum of a set number of hours doing private investigator work or other investigation in the field.


Ask your Long Island Private Investigator of choice how long they have been doing this before hiring them. Usually the longer one has been doing this kind of work the more likely they are to crack your complicated case wide open. If they have a legal background, they are what you are looking if you are hoping that the evidence they present will be admissible in court.


Needless to say, the best Private Detective in Long Island should be a decent person with no criminal history and fraud complaints. You can do a background check with your local authorities to ensure they are clean as they may claim. If the Long Island Private Investigator has serious unresolved complaints against their work, then maybe you should keep away from them.


It is possible to be a poor judge of the nature of a person the first time you meet them but more often than not you get the right impression. If the individual strikes you as someone who would go to any length including breaking the law or hurting someone to get information then perhaps you should reconsider hiring them for your probe.


Get someone with an understanding of legal proceedings if you are working on court case. This way the Long Island Private Investigator is able to collect and organize compelling and admissible evidence to present in court and is also willing to testify in court if called upon.


The payments your PI is charging you must be clearly outlined so you, don’t run into problems later on. If they are trying to play games just withdraw and find another one.


You need someone with real people skills and who know when to and what to ask. Look for someone who listen keenly and makes keen observations.


They should have a physical location and at least an office where you can reach them. The office should ideally be neatly organized so you’re sure sensitive details of your case are not openly lying around some day.

Final thoughts on hiring the best Long Island Private Investigator for the job

Making up you min to hire a Long Island PI is never easy for anyone. There is an old adage that what you don’t know cannot hurt you but don’t take it to the bank, the past has a way of haunting our present whether we know it or not. It is always better to shed light one things and be in the know because information is power.

Best 3 Long Island Beaches

Best 3 Long Island Beaches

I had always known that Long Island is endowed with some of the most beautiful beaches in all of the world and so it came as no surprise to me when three of Long Islands finest beaches were recently named as some of the best in the entire country as well.

The experts know it, we all know it, Dr. Beach, Long Beach and Shelter Island Beach among other Long Island’s sunny beaches are among the homelands finest with long stretches of sand where you can just unwind and relax. It is funny how we tend to fly out to sunny beaches elsewhere in the world and keep missing the perfection right in front of us.

Back in 2010, Dr. Beach also known as Cooper Beach in Southampton was the #1 beach in all of the US according to the best leisure ad travel magazine. Ever since the beach has remained in the list of top ten destinations regarding the amount of fun you can catch here without distraction.

Shelter Island being the quieter neighborhood is only accessible by ferry from the mainland and makes the perfect holiday destination for those of us attracted to the sea and the luxury of seaside retreats. Long Island, the scenic views of the beautiful landscape will simply blow our mind.

Shelter Island is sandwiched between the ocean and a beautiful place boasting of a 3.5 mile stretch of pure Quart sand. The Shelter Island beach is also one of the cleanest beaches in the US, and the local vibe is a plus for this fantastic destination.

Shelter Island offers a unique and variety choice of local cuisines and experiencing other parts of the culture here is thrilling as well.

Tens of criteria have been used to rank Long Island and basically all beaches across the country. Mostly it is about the geographical features like sand dunes and the quality of the sand as well as how expansive the beach is.

Other human geographic factors also have a significant role to play in the overall rank of a beach. After careful consideration of all criteria for ranking it was found that Long Island’s finest beaches came out on top nationally as well.

Beach experts say we are likely to see an upward trend in the number of tourists visiting Long Island beaches soon as more and more people begin to realize that the best is right here in our backyard.

In short, you do not need to fly to Tahiti or someplace else to have a fun time on sunny beaches. You can do it right here closer home and discover some of the gorgeous beaches you have ever seen right here on Long Island. We have always been endowed with beautiful beaches, and it is time we appreciate their ambiance by discovering Long Island a beach at a time.

Long Island’s Best Hiking Trails

Long Island’s Best Hiking Trails

Ready to discover the most beautiful and hidden treasures of the Long Island hiker? Well, you have to earn the right to be inner circle by actually doing the legwork along the beautiful landscape on some of the finest trails Long Island has to offer.
There may be real treasure out there buried somewhere in Long Island like for real, but again there is a chance there is no buried treasure to find at all. But just stop and think about the possibility that there is treasure out there, but it is not buried at all! Because it is beautiful and is ambient for alto see and experience. Finding out what lies around the next curve could be the best moment of your life. If you don’t hike on in Long Island, you will never know.
Here we have handpicked some of the best hiking trails Long Island has to offer. Let your fingers do less walking hunting for the best hiking trails on Long Island and your legs more walking on a Long Island beach.
Shelter Island’s Jewel Of The Peconic
This iconic trail is located on Shelter Island and covers about one-third of the entire island. This destination has varied choices from short hikes to long all day treks along the coastline. Experience beautiful flora and fauna at its best in this wooded paradise in the middle of urban buzz.
Sunken Forest | Fire Island
Most people know Fire Island for the hysteric party hopping but few who are born to roam the planet head out to Sunken Forest. The sunken forest is a maritime holly forest home to American Holly trees dating back three centuries and above. In this ancient forest, you will experience first-hand nature’s ambiance as you brush up the canopies of shadbush.

Walking Dunes of Hither Hill State Park
How would you like to venture into the mystique of the Walking Dune of hither hills state park? The impulse to drift into the star wars zone is just irresistible. This 2.7 mile stretch of land offers one of the most beautiful hiking experiences near New York. There are numerous camping locations and trails to choose from.
Money Pond Trail Montauk
The Money pond trail begins at the trailhead on Montauk Highway just over a mile west of the lighthouse. This trail a great easy ordeal for all and when you are visiting with family, you will appreciate the flat terrain. On a shelter out on the beach, you can stop and watch seals in the winter.
West Hill County Park
You can leave the city buzz behind you and just get away from it all to a peaceful sanctuary where the nature is unharmed and the air quality at its best. Visit the West hill country park trail today and choose from a variety of activities any time of the year. In most time of the year you have this amazing 6.8 mile trail mostly to yourself as the traffic is just moderate to low.
So now you know where to go in Long island to have a good time hiking and camping this coming summer. Remember to call ahead and reserve your place well ahead of peak season.